<![CDATA[My Site - Blog]]>Fri, 05 Feb 2016 04:24:01 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Examples Geguritan Java Language]]>Wed, 03 Feb 2016 14:36:47 GMThttp://ayudoang.weebly.com/blog/examples-geguritan-java-languageFor my friends who love literature so here we will share some Geguritan Java language. Geguritan if in Indonesiakan is poetry .Puisi (from ancient Greek: ποιέω / ποιῶ (poiéo / Poio) = I create) is the art of writing in which language is used for its aesthetic qualities for an additional, or in addition to semantic meaning.

The emphasis on the aesthetic aspects of a language and the intentional use of repetition, meter and rhyme is what distinguishes poetry from prose. But this difference is debatable. The views of the laity usually distinguish poetry and prose of the number of letters and words in these works. Poetry shorter and dense, whereas the more flowing prose like to express the story. 
http://www.idzsn.com/kumpulan-contoh-geguritan-berbagai-tema/ Some modern scholars have no approach by defining poetry as a kind of literature but as the embodiment of human imagination, the source of all creativity. Besides poetry also was the outpouring of the contents of a person's heart to bring others into the condition of his heart.

The rows of the poem can be any shape (circular, zigzag, etc.). This is one way to show pemikirannnya author. Poetry is sometimes also contain only one word / syllable that continues to be repeated. For the reader it is possible to make the poem becomes understandable. But I always have a reason for everything 'strangeness' is created. Nothing restricts the author wishes to create a poem. There are some differences between the old and new poems poetry

However, some cases of modern poetry or poetry cyber lately more concerned if judging from the principal and the rules of poetry itself that is 'solidification of the word'. Most active poet now either beginner or not more concerned with style and not on the subject of the poem.

In the poem also commonly inserted figure of speech that makes it more beautiful poem. The figure of speech also bemacam, one of which is a direct allusion to the sarcasm that is rude.

In some areas of Indonesia is also frequently sung poetry in rhyme form. They are reluctant or unwilling to see the initial rules of the poem.

1.) Heroes
(R. Tantiningsih)
Wutahing ludirmu
Nyiram motherland
Nadyan mother
Kudu muwun sedhih
Karajang-Chopping manahe
Karujit-rujit sense paqrasane

Paring Gusti Mugya nugraha
Semana gedhene bektimu
Soul, bandha donya
without the rest of the
Amung siji pangajabmu

2.) Segara Aru
(Hisham Z)

Bener, pener, Yekti
Sliramu dadi sexy
Section true hero
Heroes mulih aran Awit bekti

Awit Mangku jejibahan
Task noble, honest ing palagan
Ngemban mandate Trikora ayahan
Segara blue Aru innocent bluntly

NGemu honey
Maduning nation satuhu
Kang Asthma Yos Sudarso iku
Victims soul ing Segara Aru

Ludira kang wekasan
Kanggo redeem Irian
Yos Sudarso fall kalayan
Misuwur asthma ing bebrayan

Sliramu Aru
section innocent
section mute
raw Satuhu

That's 2 Geguritan Java language and the ten themes in it simply an example for consideration.

Examples Geguritan Java Language
<![CDATA[Song Lyrics Adele Someone Like You]]>Wed, 03 Feb 2016 13:07:56 GMThttp://ayudoang.weebly.com/blog/song-lyrics-adele-someone-like-youSomeone Like You | Adele

I heard
That you're settled down
Kau telah menetap
That you found a girl
Kau telah temukan seorang gadis
And you're married now
Dan kau tlah menikah
I heard
That your dreams came true
Impianmu terwujud
Guess she gave you things
Pasti dia memberimu segala
I didn't give to you
Yang tak bisa kuberikan padamu

Old friend
Teman lama
Why are you so shy
Kenapa kau begitu malu
It ain't like you to hold back
Engkau bukanlah orang yang peragu
Or hide from the light
Atau suka sembunyi dari cahaya

I hate to turn up out of the blue
Aku benci harus muncul tiba-tiba
Tak diundang
But I couldn't stay away
Namun aku tak bisa diam saja
I couldn't fight it
Aku tak tahan
I'd hoped you'd see my face
Aku berharap kau lihat wajahku
And that you'd be reminded
Dan kau kan teringat
That for me
Bahwa bagiku
It isn't over
Semua ini belum usai

Never mind I'll find
Tak mengapa kan kutemukan
Someone like you
Seseorang sepertimu
I wish nothing but the best for you
Aku hanya bisa mendoakan yang terbaik untukmu
Too.. Don't forget me
Dan juga.. jangan lupakan aku
I beg
I remember you said
Aku ingat kau pernah berkata
Sometimes it lasts in love
Kadang cinta akan abadi
But sometimes it hurts instead
Namun kadang juga menyakitkan
Sometimes it lasts in love
Kadang cinta akan abadi
But sometimes it hurts instead
Namun kadang juga menyakitkan

You'd know
Kau kan tahu
How the time flies
Betapa waktu cepat berlalu
Only yesterday
Baru kemarin
Was the time of our lives
Waktu kita bersama
We were born and raised
Kita lahir dan besar
In a summer haze
Dalam kabut musim panas
Bound by the surprise
Terikat oleh kejutan
Of our glory days
Hari-hari jaya kita



Nothing compares
Tak ada yang sepadan
No worries, or cares
Tak usah kuatir, atau peduli
Regrets and mistakes
Sesal dan kesalahan
They're memories made
Semua itu kenangan yang tlah dibuat
Who would have known.. How..
Siapa yang tahu ... bagaimana..
This would taste
Begitulah rasanya


Source: http://zirmie.weebly.com/blog/someone-like-you-adele-lyrics
<![CDATA[Congratulations Birthday Romantic Create beloved girlfriend]]>Mon, 01 Feb 2016 16:03:44 GMThttp://ayudoang.weebly.com/blog/congratulations-birthday-romantic-create-beloved-girlfriendHappy birthday is one phrase that is often spoken by people to those who just get older. For most people, a birthday is a special day. That's why they do not want to miss the usual course of things. Especially if that was a birthday is a special person, namely a girlfriend. Of course we will give something special. Is not only a gift, but also a romantic birthday greetings.

Because being is a girlfriend's birthday, then the words or sentences survivors who made must be meaningful, romantic, not excessive, but still could make him spellbound. If you are confused as to what the sentence or utterance that is suitable to be mentioned on your girlfriend who was celebrating a birthday, you can try to choose one among a list of romantic birthday greetings below.

Congratulations Birthday Romantic

"Happy birthday to you dearest and sweetest. I could never imagine if life is empty without you by my side. "

"Met Birthday Honey, smoga slamanya we can share the love for one love and smoga Allah pobud keep the affection between us." Happy Birthday "

"On this special day, I just want you to know that I keep you dingatanku very special. I also always put your name in my prayers and hope goodness for you. Happy birthday dear."

"Do not feel the love that we intertwine so long, tasted wonderful and was never hurt each other, I only wish you were always there for me." Met birthday darling, my love for you "

"Happy birthday to my boyfriend. I feel very fortunate to have found true love in your arms. I feel very proud to call you as my boyfriend. "

"The years have passed and God's people have grown up. He became very sweet and charming. Happy birthday honeyku. "

Romantic birthday greeting for your boyfriend above can give directly to spoken words. You are also able to merangkainya make a memorable phrase that will be your girlfriend again for the birthday. You can also insert some humorous sentences that seem so unique birthday greetings will certainly be more interesting and more memorable hearts would be your lover

However, if you are shy, do not dare or are not able to, you can give through a letter. You can add other sentences, such as prayer and praise. Do not forget to bring a gift to his liking.

<![CDATA[How to List Internet Banking BRI]]>Mon, 01 Feb 2016 14:22:58 GMThttp://ayudoang.weebly.com/blog/how-to-list-internet-banking-briOne of the interesting features of the banking world today is the internet banking feature. With this feature consumers are given full ease in conducting transactions. Including checking balances and transfer in the books of your account. Do not miss these features also exist in the so-called bank BRI BRI Internet Banking.

Before you can enjoy this feature, the BRI service users must register first. After a successful and activate internet banking features then you can use this BRI. 
http://www.idzsn.com/cara-cek-saldo-internet-banking-bri-dengan-mudah/ So that your interaction can be done at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year full of origin no interference hehehe.

For those of you who just stripped to use this service will certainly wonder about the registration and activation. Therefore we will try to present a simple tutorial step by step way to your internet banking BRI.

Activation mTOKEN BRI

To activate and BRI get mTOKEN you must go to the nearest BRI office to meet the Customer Service with a copy of ID card, passbook, ATM, and hp with your main phone number that will be made mTOKEN.

After mTOKEN activated you can use the full service internet banking BRI to transfer, bill payment, and other features.

<![CDATA[Price Oppo R7 and Specifications]]>Fri, 13 Nov 2015 15:43:23 GMThttp://ayudoang.weebly.com/blog/price-oppo-r7-and-specificationsDesign Oppo Oppo R7 R5 quite different, because this time Oppo not make R7 as the thinnest smartphone in the world like the R5 which has a thickness of 4.85 mm. Although not as thin as R5, but it looks premium smartphone design with a cast metal body has a ratio (length 143 mm x width 71 mm x thickness 6.3 mm), and a weight of 147 grams.

As for relying on screen technology AMOLED screen with a span of 5 inches and a resolution of Full HD 1080 x 1920 pixels. Display AMOLED 
http://www.idzsn.com/5670/bandrol-harga-oppo-r7-jawara-smartphone-selfie/ technology support, R7 makes the screen look very sharp with a density of -445 ppi thus offering the best multimedia content viewing experience with a wide viewing angle, and a balanced mix of colors.

Besides armed AMOLED screen technology, Full HD screen Oppo R7 also features 2.5D glass layer that offers the edge of the bezel is quite thin and curved design at the edges of the screen. Although it does not have a thin bezel Oppo R7 Plus, but the screen remains protected R7 Oppo phones Gorilla Glass layer 3 as retaining all types of scientific scratches that occur on the screen.

This smartphone brings visible artistkik unibody design, with a curved trajectory on the edge of the screen, creating a premium visual effects seen when viewed from different sides. Wrap the metal material reached 92.3% makes it so premium after finishing with a choice of 2 different colors of gold and silver.

<![CDATA[Latest Price Ferrari Thomassima]]>Tue, 10 Nov 2015 15:53:16 GMThttp://ayudoang.weebly.com/blog/-latest-price-ferrari-thomassimaThomassima name may be less familiar in automotive circles. Obviously, in the production Ferrari supercar is indeed in production with a very limited number, only 3 units in the world. One of the two cars remaining on offer at stalls selling on-line e-Bay for 7, 9 million Euros, or approximately USD 122 billion. Car circumstances mentioned in the offer was quite good with a promising performance.

Written Carscoops, Tuesday (10/20/2015),
Daftar Harga Mobil Ferrari Di Indonesia this Thomassima Ferrari never disappeared around 1970. The car is super rare great new show themselves last year after news experience a long restoration system to seven years.

Thirdly rare cars bearing the Prancing Horse has a different fate. One of the ill-fated three cars swept away because of flooding. Cars in this sale are 2 units left. One unit of one of them has been finished occupant Ferrari museum.

Supercar start was built in 1967 and one year after initial progress in the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, California. Thomassima in the wake of the base type of Cooper Climax F1 1957 output is mated with a V12 engine of the Ferrari 250.

<![CDATA[BMW to launch models in the Third]]>Tue, 10 Nov 2015 14:51:05 GMThttp://ayudoang.weebly.com/blog/bmw-to-launch-models-in-the-thirdTalk to local media Die Zeit, Krueger said that a new electric car will be introduced over the near term. However, he did not inform when to specific kinds of third i would be launched.

"As soon as possible we will bring i besides BMW i3 models to the market," he commented, taken from Worldcarfans Monday.

There was no further details are available with technical lenih today. But Krueger signaled when the machine type of the 
http://www.idzsn.com/5616/harga-mobil-bmw-yang-relatif-mahal/ third i will be greater in the appeal of the BMW i3. That means, power type of this i would be more than Tk 170 and 250 Nm of torque.

He gives, the appreciation of the people at BMW electric cars quite high. Th. This example, selling 2 x fold in the same period a year at the very beginning. Looking ahead, it is possible that BMW electric car sales grew older.

With the exception of the type i brand-new, three or emat th. forward, i3 will obtain the up-date technical. This makes the BMW i3 can go farther on a single charge the battery again. Today, the BMW i3 drove up to 16 km from a full battery.

<![CDATA[How to whiten face Naturally And Fast]]>Mon, 17 Aug 2015 11:44:36 GMThttp://ayudoang.weebly.com/blog/how-to-whiten-face-naturally-and-fastHave white skin and shining is a dream for many people. Especially for a woman who always wants a perfect appearance. Not even a woman who wants white skin, sometimes there are also men who want white skin. It is not impossible women and men can get the skin clean and shining white. Lots of efforts made by the community to get a bright and shining faces.

From the traditional way to instant way even tend risky and dangerous for health. That's all they do simply because they wanted a white face and shine quickly. Cara Memutihkan Wajah Secara Cepat This time let us see together what are the ways that can be done to whiten the skin:

Already long ago, bengkoang believed to whiten the skin. Bengkoang contained in starch that is used to remove dead skin cells on the face, so that the growth of skin cells that will be aroused. Using masks bengkoang can be done 2 times a week, and do it on a regular basis to obtain maximum results.

The term mask berasmungkin sound a bit foreign to ordinary people who are new to the world of beauty. Recipes using rice flour as the flour is of Japanese women. The Japanese routinely use rice flour as a mask. Cara Memutihkan Kulit Muka dan Badan Together with yam, rice flour starch contained a substance that serves to pick-up of dead skin cells on the face, so that the skin cells that changed the face of new and kulitpun be beamed.

It turns out other than to shrink pores, it turns egg white can also be used to whiten the skin. Simply separate yolk and egg white and egg whites evenly applied to the face. Once dry, it can be rinsed with warm water. Imposition good this way regularly every night, so that efficacy more pronounced and faster to whiten the skin

In addition to using the traditional way earlier, whiten the face can also be done chemically (by prescription). Cara Menghilangkan Jerawat di Punggung Usually if you get going, but need to be aware that the drugs used creams containing mercury (including heavy metals similar to whiten oasis, a use of corticosteroids is also very necessary for the dose to be monitored. If the arbitrary use of corticosteroids, can be bad for all of them. Usually when someone is too much resolve problems in the skin.

To get instant results but the real is to do the injection of vitamin C. No dose administration of vitamin C, so pemeberiannya must also comply dose. Vitamin C can stimulate the growth of dead skin cells on the face. When pemeberian vitamin C is too much, then it could be at risk of kidney stone formation. Cara Menghilangkan Jerawat Batu This is because in vitamins, calcium contained fairly high and triggers the accumulation of calcium in the kidneys.

How, make it easy enough to whiten the skin, the most important key is routine in doing these tips above. Okay until here wrote. That's some way to whiten the face, if you want maximum results, avoid direct contact with sunlight, if it must be exposed, do not forget to make sunscreen. Hope it is useful.
<![CDATA[How to Whiten and Brighten Skin]]>Mon, 17 Aug 2015 10:23:54 GMThttp://ayudoang.weebly.com/blog/how-to-whiten-and-brighten-skinHave white skin is the desire of all people in Indonesia, especially the women. Many ways in which to make your skin look bright and clean, ranging from the use of whitening soap, lotion bleach, bleach drugs, to the more extreme they do injecting bleach. Not just price alone are expensive, but the risk posed by the use of chemical drugs certainly have adverse effects for health. Yet how whiten the skin in a natural way, are actually not so difficult, if you know how.

Brighten the skin can be initiated by members of the outside of the first body such as the face, hands, and feet. This is because the body parts are more commonly seen when compared to the other limb. Many of the materials could be used, one of which is with yoghurt. Cara Memutihkan Tubuh Secara Alami Not only can whiten the skin, yogurt is also very useful to provide moisture to the skin. How to whiten skin naturally this is very easy, just use yoghurt as a face mask. You can menambahakannya with honey, and let stand for about 10 minutes. After a bit tight, clean the face kult using clean water.

In addition to materials such as yogurt, how to brighten the skin can be done by using various fruits like tomatoes and lemon. Using tomatoes for skin whitening can be done by smoothing tomatoes, can be in a blender or grated. After that, mix 3 drops of lemon juice and rose water. Stir all of the ingredients and apply on the face and neck. Wait 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with cold water.
Skin Whitening Tips

Whiten the skin by using a little tomato takes time when compared with tips whiten the skin with lemon. No different with tomato, lemon also contains vitamin C. The vitamin C content of the existing lime is a natural lightening agent which can brighten the skin gradually. Cara Memutihkan Badan At the beginning of the use, the pain will be felt, but you do not need to panic because it was natural. When used regularly, the pain will not arise again, and white skin you will get. After whiten the face, the next step is to whiten the body in order not to look striped. How to whiten the skin this can be done using avocado or a mixture of lemon and egg. This whitening cream can you create by mixing lime juice and egg white. Whisk both the material and heat using a pot.

Wait a moment, so that the mixture looks solid. Wait until cool, and put the cream in the container. Apply the cream every time you want a shower for two times a day to brighten your skin. After 15 minutes you can take a shower, to clean up the remnants of the cream is used as a natural bleach earlier. Cara Memutihkan Ketiak In addition to the above, using jicama to whiten the skin can also be done. Is no stranger when the fruit has a white color is often used as an additive for whitening lotion kulit.Mengadopsi of it, we could use a yam that has vitamins and calcium to whiten skin. grated yam and apply enough on the whole body for skin whitening. Wait a little bit dry and then rinse thoroughly.

Substances contained in this yam not only have a property to whiten the skin only, but a natural ingredient jicama can also provide a cooling effect on the skin. membalurkan grated yam especially if this is done after we exposed to sun exposure or after returning from the beach. Cara Memutihkan Muka Well that was a way to brighten the skin in a natural way that you can follow. In addition to the material that is easy to can, how to use it is very easy. Purchase price of the material is also not expensive, and we do not need to worry about the risk for long-term use. Therefore choose the natural way although the results can not be seen instantly.
<![CDATA[How to Straighten Hair Without Rebonding]]>Sat, 15 Aug 2015 22:21:10 GMThttp://ayudoang.weebly.com/blog/how-to-straighten-hair-without-rebondingMany people who want to have straight hair and looked falls, especially women. With straight hair they are confident to make a more attractive appearance and increase self-confidence. However, not everyone is as lucky as sometimes those who are gifted are born with straight hair. So they take some effort to get one with rebonding.

Usually they are not so lucky is because genetically born with no hair straight hair. Then they should be a little special effort in order to have straight hair and fall. Cara Meluruskan Rambut Secara Alami So willing to make efforts in order to make it happen with rebonding technique. Hair straightening techniques by bonding or smoothing can indeed be an option. But keep in mind rebonding or smoothing will be costly and sometimes make unhealthy hair.

But for those of you who are a little skimpy budget could try the natural way. Here are some ways to straighten hair naturally can be done at home without the expensive cost. You can try it at home and without the need to think about the risk of side effects. Milk is very beneficial for your body to stay healthy and fit. Will but if you know the milk can be used as a natural way of straightening hair. To succeed you have to use whole milk instead of the powder. Use the dose with the ratio between the water and the milk is 1 to 2.

So if you use a glass of water, then you should mix them with two glasses of milk. Mix both ingredients until evenly mixed. Cara Meluruskan Rambut Keriting Put into the bottle and spray onto the head until evenly distributed. Let stand a few minutes, then rinse using a shampoo and wash again with clean water. Hair straightening hereinafter way is to use lime and coconut head. You can use lime juice or an extract lime. Take one glass of pure coconut head of the head. Mix the lime juice or lemon extract to taste.

Mix both ingredients until evenly then let stand until shaped like cream. Use coconut milk cream and lemon, to massage to all parts of the head. Let stand a few minutes or it could be by covering it with a shower cap. Cara Meluruskan Rambut Using shampoo and rinse with clean water until clean. Celery leaves can also be used as a way without rebonding hair straightening and smoothing naturally. How to make it very easy. Take a few stalks of celery leaves. Mash until smooth, add a little water and then squeeze out the water up. Put into a bottle and let stand for about one night.

Use the juice to cream bath every day. Do not forget to massage the scalp gently. Let stand a few minutes and then be immediately rinsed. Do this regularly every day. Hazelnut is extremely helpful to fertility hair. In addition hazelnut can also be used as a way straighten hair. If you do not have time to make hazelnut oil directly. You can buy walnut oil are already widely available on the market.

Its function is almost the same as when you make it yourself at home. Apply hazelnut oil on a regular basis every day. Cara Mengatasi Jerawat Beserta Bekasnya Especially when bedtime. In the morning you can rinse until clean. Those are some ways you can do to make hair become straight. The natural way does require a longer time, but the result is good and has no side effects. The way you can do at home and do not cost a lot. For maximum results, do regularly every day. Thus a little review on how to straighten hair. Congratulations to try it.